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EP ENERGY POOL GmbH is a French-German Joint-Venture and was founded in 2020 by two pioneers in the field of modulation and flexibilization of energy intensive systems and processes. These two pioneers are Olivier Baud and Martin Iffert. Both are veterans of the aluminium industry and at different times served as managers of the Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne smelter. They were also involved in securing the smelter and jobs when it was deemed to be closed by its former owner. The success of this journey was also witnessed by the French Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron, who eventually became the Président of France.
Olivier Baud left Pechiney Aluminium in 2006 as Président, after serving the company for 25 years. He then founded Energy Pool in France in 2008 and gradually expanded the business in France and other countries.
Martin Iffert left TRIMET Aluminium in 2019 as CEO, after serving TRIMET for 25 years. In addition to starting his consultancy, he founded EP ENERGY POOL GmbH for the German and Nordic markets together with Olivier Baud.
Iffert meets Macron
EP ENERGY POOL GmbH, based in Berlin, in the immediate vicinity of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the 50-Hertz network operator, specializes in the development of SMART ENERGY SOLUTIONS. We support you and your customers with all questions about energy supply and help you to make your requirements visible in political discourse.
As EP ENERGY POOL, we can access a pool of global experience in energy management and make it available to our customers. Our successful energy management software enables us to tailor our services to the needs of our clients.
  • As an industrial customer, you benefit directly from the integration into our service network. We help you to make optimal use of your flexibility potential to make your energy production factor "greener" and more "competitive".
  • As a provider of renewable energies, we help you to optimally market your performance and build micro-grids or integrate it into a pool with storage and industrial flexibility.
  • As a network operator, we are your partner for software solutions for controlling complex network situations and integrating industrial flexibility
We support you to define your future as an opportunity and not as a dead end. You will become the Leader in your industry and we assist you with the following topics.
  • Analysis of the current situation and flexibility potential
  • Draft future scenarios with competitive analysis
  • Marketing the flexibility potential
  • Integration in the energy pool and provision of 365/24 monitoring
  • Assistance with the approval as a balancing energy provider by the network operator
  • Software solutions for municipal utilities and micro grids
  • Advice and support on energy policy issues
Leadership Direction
Please visit the following Link to get more information on the international link of ENERGY POOL
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